Lukáš Chládek

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Anti-political Experimental Typefaces

People often have to face a political betrayal or listen to lies of politicians, so I decided to negatively react to politics with experimental typefaces. I focused especially on the crowds’ reactions during several demonstrations and collected four statements against politicians made by people: 1. Can you even hear yourself? 2. Your breath smells like a lie! 3. Put your own house in order first. 4. Just shut up, now! For each statement, I chose to experiment with different materials/objects (1. Cotton buds. 2. Toothpaste. 3. Earth 4. Carpet duck tape.), based on the meaning of the statement aiming to support it visually. I experimented with typography to create anti-political typefaces applied to the chosen statements. (School project)

Year: 2017
Media: Video, Posters (A2)
Typeface: Terrazo Trial